GK Elite: A Sportswear Experiment in New York

The GK elite sportwear brand has unveiled a collection of a new line of high-end sportswears that include a collaboration with the NBA’s New York Knicks.The line, which is being released exclusively through the GK online store, includes the GKS Signature, a high-performance sneaker with a high ankle-to-ankle fit, a pair of lightweight jeans, and


Which brand is the next big thing in sportswearing?

In this edition of Time magazine’s annual list of best-selling brands, we examine which brand is currently the most popular among consumers.The brand that’s rising the most quickly, according to recent data from e-commerce giant Amazon, is the puma brand, with sales increasing by 20% over the past year.Puma has also seen growth in other


I love this brand!

I am totally in love with this product!I wear it all the time and it is a staple for me.The quality is top notch and I love that it is made in the USA.It is soft and has a comfortable fit.It has a solid feel and feels like it will last forever.The color selection is


Auburn’s new shoes: new colors and materials

AUBURN, Ala.— Auburn University announced the official return of its football team’s shoes on Friday.The team will wear red and black shorts in its first home game of the season, against Auburn University on Aug. 15.AUBURN has had a limited number of red and blue shoes since the 2011 season, when the team wore white,

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