Adidas releases the first-ever “Halloween” style collection for kids


Adidas has released a new collection of kid-friendly sports apparel and accessories, which includes a Halloween-inspired pair of kids sportswears.

The collection, which launches in Fall 2019, includes a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and an overall.

The shorts, called the “Hollyhock” shorts, feature a hooded silhouette with a Halloween theme, while the t-shirts are knit-up sweatshirts that also feature a Halloween motif.

The overalls, which include a hood and a white hood with the Halloween theme on the front, also feature Halloween graphics.

Adidas will also release a new pair of sneakers featuring the “Punchbag” motif.

“Hockey Night in Canada” stars Jason Bateman and Michael Keaton will star in the new collection, as will “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” and “Mama Bear.”

The first pair of “Hollaback!” shorts will be available for $59.99 at the Adidas website.

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