Adidas unveils new sneaker with a carbon fiber construction, a carbon mesh tongue and a mesh lining in collaboration with Nike


Adidas has unveiled the first-ever sneaker that features a carbon-fiber construction.

The sneaker is the first of the company’s new Adidas Ultra Boost line, which features carbon mesh tongues that give the shoe a more futuristic look.

The shoes will be available in three colors: grey, black and black and white.

The carbon mesh comes in a variety of finishes including a matte black and a dark black.

The sneakers are the first to be unveiled in collaboration between Nike and Adidas, which is part of Adidas’ goal to improve its sustainability efforts and build more sustainable products.

The shoe is made from the company-created carbon fiber and uses a mesh tongue that has a carbon weave inside, which helps it retain water and helps keep the sneaker dry.

Adidas also teamed up with Nike to create a carbon lining that offers an anti-bacterial coating that can help prevent water loss while also providing traction.

The Nike AirMax range of shoes are the company ‘s first to feature carbon construction, which means the sneakers have a carbon shell that has been made from a mix of recycled materials.

The shell was designed to help absorb heat and water while also absorbing moisture, which improves the durability of the shoes.

The new Adidas sneakers will be made in the United States by AirMax and will go on sale in the fall.

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