Alina Sportswear unveils new line of sneakers for Big City


Big City Sportswears, one of the biggest sneaker brands in the US, has revealed a new line in collaboration with Big City, one the biggest brands in Big City.

The collaboration, which is called Big City and will debut this fall, is set to include a collection of sneakers made in collaboration between the two brands, including the first collection to feature an Alina sneaker in collaboration.

The Alina “Alina” sneakers will be available in three colors: white, grey, and red.

The collection will be launched at Big City’s online store on August 23rd and will be sold exclusively at the Big City Store in New York City.

Big City Sports, which currently distributes Alina, says the partnership with Alina is “a fantastic opportunity to bring these iconic sneaker silhouettes to the masses, bringing the brand’s heritage to life in the best way possible.”

The collaboration will also feature a range of new Alina sneakers.

Alina’s main rival, Nike, has launched a range with a collection that includes both a black and white palette, which has already proven popular in China.

The brand’s most recent collaboration was with the iconic Nike Air Max, and the brand also teamed up with Adidas in the early 1990s to produce its signature Boost Air line.

Adidas’ signature line is one of its most sought after sneakers, and its partnership with Big Street is sure to add to the brand´s popularity in the West.

Big Street Sports, the brand of sports apparel giant Adidas, was founded in 2012 by Adidas chairman Nils Stoltenberg and his wife Kristin, and it is one the world’s largest sports apparel brands.

alina sportswear big city sportswear

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