Baw Sportswear unveils a new line of heritage products in partnership with L’Oréal


Baw’s new line-up of heritage sports footwear includes a range of footwear inspired by iconic brands like Baw, Baw Heritage and Baw Classic. 

“The brand has always been at the forefront of the heritage movement, but we’re also at the crossroads of that movement,” Baw Creative Director and Founder of Baw Sports Marketing Daniel Baw said.

“We want to create footwear that will capture the essence of the Baw heritage while maintaining the high quality and functionality of the iconic brands.” 

Baw SportSwear has been creating bespoke footwear for over 40 years, and Bail said that they are keen to continue to work with the Bail brand to bring these iconic brands back to life.

“It’s an honour for Bail to partner with Baw to celebrate the legacy of the brand that has inspired so many generations of women,” Bail Marketing Director and Vice President of Business Development, Angela Bail, said. 

Bail also confirmed that the Bum Sportswears line of footwear will be made in the UK, with the first batch to be launched later this year. 

With a long history of footwear, the Bwasex line has been designed with the modern woman in mind, and the range includes a pair of Bwacex boots, a pair Bwax boots and a pair that has been inspired by the new Bwadie shoe. 

The first pair of these Bwathex boots will be available to buy in the Autumn, while the second batch will be launched in the Spring. 

For the first time in its history, Bwadex footwear is also available in the US.

The brand’s footwear will also be available in Europe and the Middle East. 

Other brands that will be releasing new heritage-inspired footwear include H&M, Burberry, Burkini and Zara. 

Sporting events, fashion shows and other special events will be a part of Bail’s Bwakex range, which will be showcased at the upcoming New York Fashion Week. 

In addition, the brand will also unveil a new range of bespoke sportswears for men in the autumn, which are designed to reflect the lifestyle of the women in the Bawa brand. 

All the footwear and sports clothing are available now online, and can be purchased in retail stores, through select retailers, at select online retailers and at and at other retail partners. 

More details will be announced on in the coming weeks.

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