Chinese sportswears brands to become exclusive to Atlantic Sportswear


Atlantic Sports brand is moving to a new premium category.

Atlantic Sport’s flagship sportswearing brands will now be exclusively available to Atlantic brands and Atlantic Sportwear. 

The move is part of the new premium range for Atlantic Sport, which will be available exclusively to Atlantic brand Atlantic Sport. 

New premium Atlantic Sport brands will include Carpel Cushions, Dazzle, Elegant, Lionheart, Slim Fit, Swimwear, Vintage and Wear. 

In addition, the brand will continue to support existing brands and partners. 

Atlantic Sport’s premium range is designed to reflect the changing nature of sportswares, which have increasingly shifted towards sportswatches, with a more relaxed style. 

“We’re looking to provide a high-end sportswatch experience and a premium experience that’s both accessible and personalized to the individual consumer,” said Scott Schmitt, vice president of marketing for Atlantic. 

What does this mean for brands? 

“It’s a step towards better service, a more focused brand experience and the best-in-class selection of premium sportswash,” said Schmitt. 

As a brand, Atlantic Sport will retain its core brands, including Cufflinks, Championships, Cushions and Dazes. 

For consumers, the new brands are a great way to take advantage of Atlantic’s new premium line. 

While the premium line will include products from the brands above, consumers will have access to all of Atlantic Sport ‘s brands. 

They will be able to choose from all of the premium Atlantic brand brands, which include Eliminator, Fit, Jawbreaker, Leisure, New Balance, Sportswear and Vivendi. 

When will these products be available? 

 The new premium Atlantic sportswashing line is expected to launch this summer. 

How many new Atlantic Sport products will there be? 

The brand will expand its line of sportshapes to include a line of accessories, such as swimwear and shoes. 

It will also be expanding its offerings to include sportswellash and swimwear accessories. 

Will the brand be offering discounts for the new brand? 

While these new offerings may be priced lower than previous brands, there is a discount for new Atlantic products for the first year of their availability. 

 Will this affect my existing Atlantic Sport brand?

Yes, it will. 

However, the discount will apply only to Atlantic’s core brands and the exclusive brands, not to any of the exclusives from other Atlantic brands.

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