COLUMBIA: “You’re so cute and I want you”


In an interview with Esquire magazine, Columbia Sportswear, the company that owns Colum, said it wants to make a statement in 2016 and not just last year with the “Cinderella” fashion line.

 “We’re very proud of our brand, and we’re not going to be shy about our commitment to Colum,” Columbian Sportswears executive director Michael P. Caruso told Esquire.

“We’re looking to have a year that’s about celebrating beauty and being positive and doing something that’s very, very positive and aspirational.”

Columbias own brands include C&A Sports, which sells the Under Armour and Reebok athletic apparel, and Puma, which specializes in athletic shoes.

“The beauty that we want to convey is that Colum is not a company that has been afraid to be creative,” Carusos said.

“You can have a very successful, very well-known company and still be trying to do something new and different.

I think that Columbi has the confidence and the ability to make that statement.”

 The company says the “candy” is inspired by “CINDERIA.”

Columbias marketing department says the line is “designed to help you stand out from the crowd.”

It includes a range of colorways, accessories and clothing.

This year, Colum launched a new line of women’s clothing called Columbria Sportswearing, which was created with the company’s commitment to “reinventing the feminine.”

The new line includes a line of swimwear, a collection of “baby” apparel and more, and it has a range in both women’s and men’s clothing. 

Columbia is also planning to release its own clothing line in the fall.

columbia sportswear women

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