‘Extreme’ Calvin Klein Sportswear ad prompts ‘very uncomfortable’ comment from mother


Sportswearing is one of the most popular areas of the workplace.

It has become a major business, with clothing companies spending $1 billion on it annually.

But a new ‘Extreme Sportswears’ campaign has prompted some very uncomfortable comments from parents.

The ad, which was filmed in the U.K., features Calvin Klein sporting a pair of Adidas track pants, and says: “Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s going to feel the pressure in your pants”.

“When you take on the weight of all the pressure and the pressure of your parents and your peers, you need to take it on yourself to make sure you feel comfortable.”

The ad was produced by British fashion company Calvin Klein and it was filmed by The Sun in London and then on a U.S. beach in Miami.

It was shown on BBC TV in both countries.

The advertisement is part of a new wave of sports adverts that are making headlines in the fashion industry.

It’s not the first time an extreme advert has caused controversy.

In May, Adidas was forced to apologise after it was found that a video featuring an athlete in a wheelchair walking on ice had been filmed in New Zealand.

The company was found to have deliberately misrepresented its brand, which has been criticized for promoting the idea that ice-skating can be as dangerous as skateboarding.

The video featured an American-based wheelchair user who had just finished a training session on the ice.

The video was shown in New York, New Zealand, but a U of M student was filmed on the U of T campus in the same location.

The student, who has since been suspended, said he felt “a little bit embarrassed” about the ad and that it “sounded a bit cheesy”.

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