‘Fashion’ and ‘art’ have always been a strong draw for me…


Weikel, a sportswearing brand, is launching a line of high-end sportswears, including a line based on the theme “Art” and a line inspired by the film “Dunkirk.”

The brand is also planning to release a range of clothing inspired by Japanese art and culture.

“It’s our dream to bring a new generation of artists to the world,” Weikell’s founder and chief executive, Simon R. Tjern, told the Business Insider.

“Art has always been an important element of our brand, and we’re hoping that by bringing this together with fashion, we can give an incredible new dimension to what we do.”

“Art and fashion are at the heart of what Weikels mission,” he said.

“We’re really excited about creating a range that celebrates the diverse talents and cultures of the world.”

Weikel’s “Art and Fashion” line will debut this year and is expected to hit stores around the world in 2017.

WeikeL’s range of sportsswear will feature a range from the likes of the Nike SB Dunkirk shoes and the Nike Sports+ Dunkirk pants, the shoes that were featured in the Oscar-nominated film “The Dunkirk,” as well as the Nike Sportswear Rally range.

The line will feature items from the iconic Japanese art, as well fashion-inspired items that are inspired by movies, tv shows, and art.

The range is set to be available in two sizes: Regular and Extra Large.

We will also be releasing a collection of clothing that will be inspired by some of the best Japanese street fashion and Japanese fashion trends.

Weikels “Art, Fashion, and Sportswears” line was launched in 2016, and has been described as a “fashion-inspired” line.

Weikes main focus is on the Japanese art form, as seen in the film Dunkirk, which was a critical hit for Weikelyl in 2017 with a $1.3 million opening weekend.

The brand has also announced that the brand will be launching a new line of apparel based on Japanese art inspired by its “Art + Fashion” collection, with a goal to become one of the biggest Japanese fashion brands in the world by 2020.

The brand plans to launch its new collection in 2019.

The new “Art & Fashion” collections will include a range inspired by iconic Japanese streetwear, with the focus being on Japanese street culture.

The collection will also include a collection inspired by a collection that was featured in “Dunks” and the “Dude Warhols” collection.

The “Art+ Fashion” series will be made up of two collections, with each collection having an overall size of Regular and an overall weight of 5.9 ounces.

The collections will debut in 2019 and 2020.

The next “Art&Fashion” collection will launch in 2021.

The new collection will feature new styles inspired by classic Japanese art style and Japanese street-fashion.

The line will be available exclusively at WeikeLS stores.

“Art&fashion” will feature three main styles, which are inspired through the work of Japanese artist, artist, and street-style designer Takahiro Kojima.

The collection will be released in 2020.

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