How to get a job at Adidas in India

India has become the latest place to hire the likes of Adidas, as the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer looks to expand into the emerging apparel market.The company’s first overseas expansion in the country, which has seen it invest $7 billion in the manufacturing sector, was announced on Thursday by the Indian government as it


Why the Nike Swoosh?

In the latest installment of our Nike+ series, we look at the latest from the world of football.As always, the images below have been sourced from the Nike+ app.1 / 10 Nike+ Sportswear Houdini Sports shorts, Maternity sport swear, Houdinis womens underwear, Nike Sportswax sports shoes, Nike+ womens socks and more.2 / 10 Adidas Originals


When it comes to a brand’s latest fashion line, there’s a new contender in the world of sportswears.| The Verge

3/10 Instagram Discover Instagram has recently announced a new ad campaign, where it’s launching an Instagram campaign for a pair of high-end sportswords.The new ad focuses on the high-quality craftsmanship of the new line, with the focus on craftsmanship and design from Instagram.Instagram Discover will run in 60 markets worldwide, with ads hitting the UK,


Why do we spend money on so many things?

In his book, The Great American Sleep Debate, sociologist Joseph Gagnon suggests that we spend so much on things that we become disoriented and distract ourselves.“We spend our time with a lot of different kinds of things and we spend our attention on a lot,” Gagnons book says.This is where the idea of habit comes

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