GK Elite: A Sportswear Experiment in New York


The GK elite sportwear brand has unveiled a collection of a new line of high-end sportswears that include a collaboration with the NBA’s New York Knicks.

The line, which is being released exclusively through the GK online store, includes the GKS Signature, a high-performance sneaker with a high ankle-to-ankle fit, a pair of lightweight jeans, and a leather jacket.

The shoes, which are available in a range of styles and colorways, are part of the GSK’s GK Classic collection, which was introduced in 2016.

The brand is currently working with Adidas, Nike, and NikeLab, among others, on an upcoming collaboration that will be announced during the summer.

“The partnership with the New York Jets is a unique opportunity to showcase the new range of high performance shoes in the new generation,” said GK CEO Chris Bredell.

“This collaboration with Adidas is an example of our commitment to creating high-quality products and providing customers with the best experience possible.

These shoes are sure to get fans of our brand excited and we are confident they will provide fans with a new and exciting opportunity to see the latest and greatest.”

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