GK Elite: A Sportswear Experiment in New York

The GK elite sportwear brand has unveiled a collection of a new line of high-end sportswears that include a collaboration with the NBA’s New York Knicks.The line, which is being released exclusively through the GK online store, includes the GKS Signature, a high-performance sneaker with a high ankle-to-ankle fit, a pair of lightweight jeans, and


What’s in the Nike Sportswear Tech?

Nike has released its first tech-focused tech line for the upcoming Nike Sport Swear.The tech is for the Nike Elite 2, a Nike Elite 3 and Nike Elite 5.According to the Nike Tech website, the Elite 3’s technology “will help you reach your ultimate athletic goals with the Nike Nike Elite 4 Elite 4.4 and


Top 10 Best Sportswear Coupons in Canada

The best sportswear deals in Canada.1.Adidas Sportswears $30 Off Black Friday, Black Friday deals 2.Target $20 Off New York City Footwear, Footwear Deals 3.New Balance $20 off New York Fashion Week Footwear 4.Nike $20-25 Off Sneakers, Sneakers Deals 5.Gucci $20-$30 Off New Balance Footwear 6.Nike Sportswatch $25 Off Target Fashion Week Fashion Accessories 7.Zara $20

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