How Nike’s ‘Bombshell’ Sportswear Rally Model Shuts Out Like a Bomb Source CBS News


COLUMBIA, S.C. — When you think of the Nike “Bombs” Rally, the first thing that comes to mind is a small bomb exploding in your pocket.

But Nike’s new “Boshes” Sportswears models are different.

The models are smaller and lighter, but their designs are unmistakably inspired by the Nike Air Jordan 1s, the “B”s that inspired them.

The new models come in two colors: black and white.

The Boshes, designed by Nike Sportswoods, are the first Nike sportswears to come in the Nike Bomb.

It has a black and blue body with white detailing.

The shoe has a similar look to the original Air Jordan 4s, which Nike released in 2005.

The “Bomb” models will come with a special Nike Bomb-style cushioning and tongue that looks like a bomb, with a “B”-shaped tongue.

The bomber logo will be stamped in the heel of the shoe.

The Nike Bomb models come with three colorways: black, white and gold.

Black is the color used for the bomber logo.

The Bomber’s “Bomber” logo will appear on the shoe’s sole.

White is the Nike Sportwoods’ white version of the Bomb.

Gold will be the Nike’s signature color.

The Bomb’s sole is also black.

The “Bomb’s” sole is made from a blend of two colors, white, and gold, while the tongue is made of a combination of white and black.

There are two “B-shaped tongues” that will help the Bomber stay balanced.

The bomb is designed to be used as a shoe, a piece of footwear, or a handbag.

Nike will sell both black and gold versions.

Nike Sportwool Sports, which makes the Bomber, said the new bomber will be available exclusively at its retail stores, while Black and White versions will be sold only through Nike’s online store.

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