How sports and fashion are changing in China


By James DeYoungAug 15, 2018 | 06:09:30The Chinese clothing industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with fashion brands increasingly focusing on high-end products, making them highly competitive with traditional brands.

The country’s retailing and clothing industry, which has grown more than 20 per cent in the past five years, has also experienced rapid growth.

The new trend is called the “high-end brand”.

These brands are designed to appeal to the upper class and to be the first step on the journey of becoming a fashion superstar.

In fact, a survey conducted by China’s leading online retail giant last year found that Chinese men are increasingly choosing to wear clothes that are made from high-quality materials, such as polyester and nylon.

It also found that over half of women said they are buying clothes from a high-fashion brand.

This trend was highlighted at a recent fashion show in Shanghai, when the brands from, JD.g, JD and JD.h were showcased alongside other high-profile brands.

At the show, a group of top-tier fashion designers showed off their latest creations, such a high quality and practical pair of jeans.

One of the top fashion designers, Yu Jingzhuang, also showed off the company’s new line of luxury clothing for women, called J-Wear, which features an open-back fabric, a mesh lining and an elastic waistband.

While the brand is only available in a limited number of countries, the brand has been very popular in China.

The company has become very popular among Chinese women, particularly the wealthy.

Yu has even sold more than 1 million pairs of J-wear jeans, which cost less than US$50.

The J-wear brand has also been making waves in the US, where brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton are competing for the coveted business of wearing a high price tag.

However, in China, the high-priced items are not limited to the clothes.

There are also more casual items that are designed for everyday wear.

The trend is also being embraced by celebrities, who are becoming more interested in wearing clothes that make them stand out.

Recently, the fashion designer Su Yun, who is also known for her fashion line, released a series of shoes with a high level of detail and style.

Su is one of the most sought after models in China and is also a regular on the country’s most popular TV show, The X Factor.

Su has been a model since she was just five years old, and she has been doing a lot of modelling for more than 10 years.

Su said she wanted to work with high-level brands to make her brand stand out in a world that has grown so much since she started modelling.

She said she hoped her clothing line would help make the industry more accessible to women and that she would also take care of the models and the production side of things.

“I want to bring the same level of style to the industry as the industry is evolving.

I want to make the fashion industry accessible for everyone,” she said.

Su’s clothing line is made up of high-tech items such as cushions and fabric cushions, which can be used for everyday use, and also sportswears and shoes.

It includes clothes like shoes, socks and bags.

The product range includes shoes, a wide range of skirts, swimwear, jeans and even handbags, and it is available in over 30 colours.

The clothes are also available in women’s sizes, which is the industry standard.

“The company is working hard to make sure that everyone is able to shop at Su Yun’s clothing brand,” said the CEO of Su Yun Group, Wang Zhiqiang.

“We have also launched a range of premium sports clothing, including a special sportswirt that has been designed for professional athletes.”

Su Yun is also working with fashion designers to make them into designers.

In 2017, Su Yun released her own line of designer clothes for men.

The range includes tailored shirts, suits and sportswirts.

Su Yun has also teamed up with a fashion brand called Yiwu to produce sportswatches.

Su Yun said the focus on high quality products has made her feel like she is a real designer.

“My focus on quality is what makes me a real professional designer.

It’s also why I work with the brands that I know so well.

I feel like I can create something that is really well-made and is really comfortable,” she told the BBC.

Su says that she has had a lot more success with her fashion brands in the United States, because of the demand.

“It’s been a very easy transition to America.

It has also made it a lot easier to work in a different industry and to develop more of a brand,” she explained.

Su plans to continue working with high end brands and also to take a break from her business.

“My goal is to continue my business and focus on fashion. I

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