How to buy zuni sneakers in Australia


Australian retailers are scrambling to keep up with demand for zuni sportwear, and some are offering discounts and even sales to help their customers.

Zuni sneakers can be bought on eBay, from online shoe shops and from Zuni retail locations.

There is also a Zuni store on the streets of Sydney, where you can pick up your new shoes in about an hour.

But there is a catch: Zuni footwear is only available online for the first week after its release.

The online shop Zuni Sportswear has just over half a million pairs of Zuni shoes on its shelves.

“If you’re looking to purchase a pair of Zunis, we strongly advise that you get in touch with Zuni,” said an official at Zuni, which is based in Melbourne.

For Zunisto, the first thing he and his colleagues are doing is trying to find a way to get the footwear onto Australian shelves.

“If we can get a shoe onto shelves, it’ll really help us,” he said.

It’s a different approach to buying a pair from a foreign retailer, which can be a hassle for Australians.

Zuni is offering the first two weeks of supply of shoes on the Australian shelves at a discounted price of $150 each.

They can be picked up at and, or online from or

These retailers will also be able to offer a 25 per cent discount to Zuni customers on the retail store, as well as free shipping on Zuni shoes to the US, Canada and Europe.

I’m trying to think of a way that’s going to get people excited, Zuni said.

“I think we’ll just have to keep working hard at it.”

The company is also looking to get more shoes into the hands of Zuluans, who are in the midst of a drought.

A recent survey showed that Zuni was the second-biggest brand in the country.

In the past, Zunimas popularity has dipped due to a drought in southern Australia, and Zunisaas brand was hit hard by the financial crisis.

Some Zuni users have been selling their Zunias on the black market, but there are also Zunizas that are in stores selling for more than $US1,000.

That’s because Australian retailers aren’t selling enough Zunistas, said Zuni chief executive officer John Hargreaves.

Australian retailers are starting to find ways to cope with the shortage, with offering a $25 discount on Zuni’s retail price.

So far, Zuno has sold about 5,000 pairs of the shoes online.

Hargreavs said the company has been offering the discounted price to Zunislife customers, but that may change if demand continues to rise.

“We will continue to offer our customers discounts and special offers in our stores, but I would say we’re not going to stop offering our Zuni in our retail stores,” he told ABC Radio.

“That’s just a matter of time.”

Zuni, with an annual turnover of $US7 billion, has a strong presence in Australia, as it is based outside of the country and has a presence in a number of other countries.

Australia’s largest footwear retailer, Lululemon, is also launching a Zunista line.

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