How to get Nike’s new ‘sportswear’ tech, and how to make sure it’s safe for you


In an attempt to create a wearable tech that is comfortable, comfortable and stylish, Nike unveiled a range of new tech on Thursday, including the Nike Sportswear Tech.

The new tech is meant to help athletes stay healthy and fit while in the gym.

The technology consists of sensors that track and record your activity in order to help track your workout, according to the company.

“The Nike Sport Swear Tech includes sensors that monitor your breathing and heart rate, along with sensors that measure your heart rate and blood pressure,” reads the release.

“These sensors are designed to help optimize performance and reduce injuries.”

Nike says the technology also works on the track, providing information about your distance traveled and your time in the field.

“Your data will be used to track your progress and help Nike optimize workouts for you, which will help your performance improve and your health improve,” reads a release.

The wearable tech comes in the form of Nike Sport Shorts.

The Nike Sportshorts feature the Nike logo on the back of the shorts, and are meant to be worn in a variety of different ways.

The shorts are designed with three different styles.

The first two styles, which are the most popular, are the Sport Shirts and Sport Shoe.

The third style, the Nike Athletic Trainer Shorts, are meant for training and physical activity.

“You can wear these shorts with your Nike Nike Sport Running shoes, Nike Trackwear and Nike Training Shorts to keep you in shape and on the run,” reads an Nike statement.

The release also states that Nike SportShorts can be worn with the Nike Trainer Shirts to help keep you warm and comfortable during workouts.

Nike says that the Nike Sports Shorts are designed for men and women.

“For women, they are designed specifically for women who work out and want to look great in a sportswearing tech,” reads Nike’s release.

Nike released the Sportswears on Thursday in partnership with the USOC.

The USOC is the governing body for the world’s largest sporting event.

The athletes that wear the Nike gear during the US Open will be paid $1,000 for the privilege.

The world’s top 10 men’s and women’s teams will also receive their share of the prize money.

According to Nike, the tech is only for men.

Nike is not releasing the tech for women, however.

The tech will be available to any athlete who has the right permission from their USOC team.

The company is also offering the tech to USOC athletes who do not have the right permits.

Nike did not respond to a request for comment on how the technology is designed for athletes.

nike sportswear tech

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