Howard’s Sportswear returns with a new range


Yesterday’s sportwear, yesterday’s sport, howard’s has been a staple of British sporting history for centuries.

Now, in its ninth year, it’s back in style with a brand new range.

As well as the range’s original designs, the brand is also bringing back a handful of designs from its previous range.

The new range will include a new lookbook, a range of accessories and new footwear.

The brand has also launched an online store to offer customers a range they can use when shopping at its website.

Today’s is available at every store in the UK, with some shops offering an introductory price of just £15 for a pair of sports boots.

A range of SportsBoots, a brand of boots for men, women and kids, is also available.

There’s also a range in the shape of a ballerina’s ball, designed by artist Jazmin Maitland.

The shoes are also made by Nike.

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