‘I can’t wait for the season to start’: The crafty sportswear designer who makes it look so easy


Under Armour sportswears are a trendsetter, with designers like Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger bringing the brand’s signature athletic wear to the mainstream.

But when you dig into the company’s extensive archives, it turns out that the company is equally adept at making a range of products that look and feel as good as they look.

A decade on from its launch, Under Armour has been in the process of re-inventing itself, from its early years in the late ’80s to today, and its latest lookbook is an important example of that.

In this lookbook, the company has reimagined a range that started life as an athletic wear brand, but has evolved into a range more suited to a range-conscious consumer.

The book, the first in the Under Armour Sportswear Archive series, was curated by a team of designers, including Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and the founder of Under Armour, Joe Della Volpe.

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