‘I think the world is ready’: Nike unveils new ‘Nike Sportswear’ shorts


The new Nike Sportswears have arrived and are now available to pre-order at the online shop of Nike.

The brand is selling the shorts for Rs 20,999.99 from the online outlet.

The ‘Nikes’ are now sold in 50,000 packs at a price of Rs 19,999 per pack.

The new sportswears, which are made of cotton and leather, are priced at Rs 1,999, while the ‘Nixons’ are priced Rs 20.99.

The brand said in a statement that it will also be offering the new sporty shorts to consumers in 50 cities across India.

The shorts are made with a new, non-abrasive fabric which is light enough to be worn under a shirt and also has a soft, non slip feel.

They have a slim fit with a medium to large cuff and are made from cotton.

The footwear comes in black, navy, grey and orange.

The ‘Nines’ are available in five colours: blue, red, white, gold and rose gold.

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