New York’s top designer has a new line of high-end shoes with a vintage look


TSF’s new collection of casual sport shoes is getting a vintage twist with some vintage looks, the company said.

The TSF Sports Collection is set to launch this fall, and features three styles of shoes: a casual sports shoe, a vintage style shoe and a retro style shoe.

The company’s Instagram account posted a photo of a model wearing the shoes, captioned with a quote from David Bowie:”My favorite thing in the world is when I walk down the street and see a young girl in a sporty outfit, but you can’t tell she’s wearing a pair of sneakers.”

The collection will debut at TSF New York on Sept. 30, and will be available in two colors, black and grey.

It will cost $170 for men, $160 for women.

The retro style is the first new TSF shoes to hit the market in a few years, and it features a vintage vibe.

The shoes are made in Italy with an Italian-made suede upper, leather soles and a leather sole.

The shoes will retail for $160, and the TSF website lists a suggested retail price of $160.

TSF has been in the business for more than 20 years and has a presence in many high-profile fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Christian Dior.

casual sportswear tsf sportswear llc

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