Nike Sportswear RRP: $2,699 on Amazon UK and US


Nike Sport Swear R$2,599 – Sportswears are all the rage these days, and the brand is looking to increase the appeal with a limited edition range that’s set to hit the UK and USA.

The collection will include a limited-edition, gold-plated, all-black design in an iconic black shade.

Nike says it is “inspired by the iconic black and gold colour scheme of the brand’s iconic shoes”.

“In the past, Nike has been known for the iconic ‘Black and Gold’ colourway, but now Nike is bringing the brand back to its roots with a new design inspired by the legendary colour scheme,” the statement said.

Nike Sportswearing R$3,699 – Nike’s first all-white Nike sneakers.

Nugget-sized range of the all-new Nike SportSwear R, which has been released in limited quantities, will be available from September 27 in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, Nike said.

The range will include three Nike Sport shoes, one Nike Sport backpack, one pair of Nike shoes, a pair of socks and one pair/sportscarf.

The first batch of Nike Sportscarf R$199 will be sold from September 29.

It will be followed by the first Nike Sportman shoes, which will be released on September 28.

Nikes newest collection will be limited to a limited run of 500 pairs, each of which will feature a gold-based colourway.

Nuggets first all white Nike Nike Sportwear R $1,599 range, which was released in September, will include the Nike Sportfemme, Sportfim, Sportswag and Sportsworx models.

Ng’s second all-blanc model, which is set to release in late October, will feature the Sportfelter and Sportfelle models.

The brand is also set to unveil a third all-femaleness Nike Sport Scarf R $899 that will be exclusive to Nike Sportstore.

It is not clear when Nike will start selling the limited edition Sportswatches in stores.

nike sportswear rpm sportswear store

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