Nike’s first active sportswears are now available for sale online


Nike has released the first-ever active sports shoe, Nike Air Max, which is a sportswearing version of its signature Air Max shoes.

The shoe is available for purchase on and is priced at $225.

The Nike Air max is a shoe that features an innovative lightweight upper with a woven mesh upper that is soft, flexible and breathable.

It’s also made from a new, ultra-tough, super-high-strength nylon and is designed to keep feet healthy while delivering traction and responsiveness.

Nike said the shoe is a “high-performance, athletic shoe” that features “an incredibly lightweight design” and is “designed to be able to perform at the highest level.”

The Nike Sportswear Air Max 2 is available in grey and red.

The sneaker is expected to ship in the spring.

The Nike Sport Swear AirMax 2 has a mesh upper with an additional mesh strip and tongue.

The shoe is made from an innovative ultra-high strength nylon and has been developed to keep the feet healthy.

It features a lightweight design with a mesh tongue.

Noke said the Nike Airmax 2 is designed for athletes who want to go from their regular shoes to the high performance, athletic shoes they want to wear.

The shoes have been engineered to deliver maximum traction and performance and are made from lightweight, super high-strength, high performance nylon that is designed with a flexible tongue.

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