Nike’s latest deals for 2016


Nike’s deal with Marfa has been a success.

The sportswears brand has made an estimated $300 million in profit since its purchase in 2016.

That’s up by more than a third from the $170 million it made in 2016, and the company is also spending a big chunk of its own money to build up the brand.

The brand also announced plans to add a range of new high-end sportswatches, and also to introduce new models of its iconic Nike Air Max line.

The deals are good news for Nike’s long-time Australian business.

But Nike is also seeing the company’s overseas business suffer as it attempts to expand globally.

In 2018, Nike launched its new “global hub”, in Melbourne, Australia, where it will sell and distribute Nike-branded gear.

It will also open a store in the UK next year, and in 2018 will open a “world headquarters” in London.

The Melbourne store is just one of Nike’s international locations, including in New York, Paris and Singapore.

But it’s the Melbourne store that is the most eye-catching, with the company announcing the plans to open the store in 2020 and the launch of a new high end sportswatch range.

The new range, which is called “Marfa,” will include a range called “Maid,” which is meant to look like a traditional Nike Air model but which also looks like an airbrushed Nike Air.

It’s made of a blend of nylon and leather.

The shoe will be available at $800.

Nike also announced a new shoe line called “Tiger,” which it is selling at a premium price.

It is made of Nikes own “Black” leather, but it is made with a black base and black stitching.

The shoes are expected to go on sale in 2020, with an estimated retail price of $800 to $1,100.

The launch of the new range will also bring Nike the opportunity to expand into new markets.

Earlier this year, Nike said it would introduce two new models in 2020: the “Goliath” and the “Lion.”

Both models feature a lighter, more streamlined silhouette and will be made of nylon, with a mesh back and “high quality leather”.

Nike has already started work on the Nike Pegasus, a new sneaker that is based on the Pegasus.

It was announced in 2018, but there have been no details released about its launch yet.

Nike’s plans for 2020 will also include plans to launch an international sports shoe brand called “Nike” and introduce a new line of sportswares.

Nike has also started work to bring its Air Max range to other countries, including Australia.

Nike will continue to work with Nike to develop and develop a range for the sports market. “

The Nike Pegasus is the ultimate high-performance shoe, offering an exceptional level of comfort and performance in a low-profile design that is easy to wear on the go.”

Nike will continue to work with Nike to develop and develop a range for the sports market.

“We are always looking to offer new and exciting ways to enhance the look of our shoes and we’re excited to be able to deliver our next generation shoes to Australian athletes in 2020.”

The company has also launched a range that is meant for men and women, with “Giant” and “Mighty” being the shoes that will be on sale.

The Giant is made from a mix of synthetic and calfskin.

It features a mesh lining, and is priced at $900.

Nike will also launch a new sportswave range in 2020.

It includes the “Nova” and Nike’s flagship “Nero,” which will be priced at £1,300 to £1.400.

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