The new Adidas ad for the 2016 World Cup is just the beginning


The Adidas ad released in early May that featured two of the most recognizable soccer stars in world soccer, Abby Wambach and Lauren Holiday, will be the first of its kind to hit the ad market in over a decade.

The ad features a familiar image of WambACH (right) and Holiday, a pair of black-and-white-clad women, with a soccer ball in their hands.

The duo were photographed with the ball, in the same pose they would pose with in the 2015 Adidas ad, as they play the ball in a game in which the United States won the title.

Adidas, which made the ad with Adidas Brand, is using the same imagery in the new Adidas World Cup ad, which will air on ESPN.

Adidas says it’s the first time the brand has used the soccer ball image in a World Cup advertisement.

“This is a beautiful way to highlight the incredible passion of soccer and our amazing fans,” said Adrienne Tancredi, ad manager for the ad campaign.

“We are excited to be bringing this iconic image to the forefront of the World Cup.”

The ad’s release comes as Adidas has begun work on a new ad campaign featuring its soccer stars.

The brand’s ads have often featured soccer stars who have been linked to major sponsorship deals, including with Major League Soccer (MLS), which is currently looking to sign up a major player in its newest wave of global stars.

In an interview with ESPN in January, Wambacht said that she and Holiday have been in discussions with Adidas and will be part of the new ad.

“I think it’s really cool to see something like this,” she said.

“The way we are seeing it is very different.

We are in a brand that has been in the world for over 30 years and is a global brand and it really shows a very different perspective and it’s interesting because it shows the world that it’s possible to do things the right way.”

Adidas released a video in which Wambahach, Holiday and Lauren were featured playing in a FIFA soccer game.

The video, which was released earlier this month, featured a video of the trio, including Holiday.

In the video, the women are seen on the field in a soccer uniform, while the camera pans to the players on the other side of the field, who are wearing their jerseys from the 2015 World Cup.

The footage, which ran for 10 minutes, shows the women on the pitch as the ball is dropped to them by a player, then the ball travels to the sideline.

Wambaugh and Holiday did not play in that game, but they did play for France, which won the game.

Holiday, who was on the French team, said in the video that she was excited to play for the new world champions.

“It was a very special moment for me to finally get the opportunity to play at the World Cups for the first team,” she told ESPN.

“To be able to be part and to be the star player in a very, very special video, I’m so excited.

It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever had the opportunity for.”

The new ad will air before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and the 2022 World Cup and 2020 Olympics.

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