The U.S. Supreme Court says it won’t hear the lawsuit against Nike over its “dirty sportwear”


Fox News — The U,S.

supreme court on Tuesday denied a motion by Nike to dismiss the lawsuit brought by the college students who allege they have been duped into buying their school’s “dirty” sportswears.

The Supreme Court also denied Nike’s motion to dismiss another lawsuit brought against Nike and other companies over the alleged deceptive marketing practices of Nike and Adidas, saying the court’s ruling is inapplicable to them.

In its order, the court said it is not required to hear the case because Nike has waived its right to a trial.

But it said it has decided to address the merits of the case and that it will hear it.

The case involves the students of New Hampshire’s Bethune-Cookman University, who say they were duped by companies such as Nike, Adidas and Vans, which sell “dirty sportsswear.”

The students are seeking class-action status on behalf of the other plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs say they had no idea that Nike had the rights to their likeness and that the products sold by Vans were not a true representation of Nike’s brand.

Nike has said it will fight the lawsuit.

“The Supreme [Court] has ruled that a court is not bound by its own ruling in the case,” Nike spokeswoman Nicole Nachman said in a statement.

“We are reviewing the ruling, and we intend to defend our position vigorously.”

In court papers, the students alleged that Vans and Nike promoted their products as being made in factories that were actually located in factories in China, India and Vietnam.

They alleged that Nike promoted the products as having “no traces of the foreign manufacturing process,” which Nike said was true because Nike did not manufacture its own sneakers.

Nachman told The Associated Press that the school district “has never provided the court with any information or evidence to support these allegations.”

A judge in New Hampshire last year dismissed a class-wide lawsuit brought under a class action law that bars colleges and universities from class-size class-actions against companies that make products with which they have an affiliation.

In a separate case in February, a federal judge in Virginia dismissed a suit brought by a group of students who said they had been dupes into purchasing Nike sneakers.

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