UK baby boomers can buy their first suits in two years


British women can expect to buy their own suits in just two years, according to research from a leading UK business.

The trend has been welcomed by a range of manufacturers, including Louis Vuitton, as it can be cheaper and quicker to get a tailored suit than buying a pair of casual trousers.

The research, commissioned by British retail giant Marks & Spencer, found the average age of a woman purchasing a suit was just 31, compared with 38 for men.

It found that the average cost of a suit from the firm’s own online store was £1,939 ($2,065) and that women aged 25 to 34 were spending more than £6,000 on suits.

Marks & Spencer said the research showed that consumers wanted to buy suits that fit them, and that they could save money on their shopping trip by purchasing the suits online rather than at the retail outlets.

“It’s a very simple thing to do, because when you’re shopping online, the whole thing is really cheap, and so you can go for that,” said Louis Vuitch, head of Louis Vuichts luxury brands.

“When you come back to the office, you can spend £1 on a suit that’s a little bit more expensive, but you’ve got a suit for your office, for the office and then you go out and buy the next suit.”

Marks’ research was based on 1,000 UK customers, with women aged 35 to 39 spending an average of £2,819 ($3,049) on suits in 2016.

The firm surveyed 1,800 UK women and found that just over a quarter of them had bought suits online.

“Women are really keen to try and buy a suit online, and it’s an easy way to do it,” said Marks & Spencer head of fashion research Sarah Bowers.

“They’re willing to pay more, and they’re willing at the same time to try something new, so that’s why we think it’s really good for them.”

The key is to do your research, and if you find a good fit, you’ll have a suit within a couple of weeks.

“The survey found that women who had bought their first suit in 2017 had an average age at first purchase of just 29.

They also had more money in savings at the end of the six months than their peers, who had spent £6.3 million on their first pair of clothes.

The research also found that when it came to choosing the best suits, women were most likely to opt for a fit that would be appropriate for the type of work they were doing.”

For a lot of women, it’s very important to have something that fits them and has a flattering fit and the best way to make sure that the fit isn’t too tight or too loose, or too big,” Bowers said.”

And it’s also important to make the suit so you’re not wearing it too much, and to make it so that the colour and texture of the suit isn’t all that distracting to the eye.

“M&S is also working to make online purchases easier.

“We saw that the most common reason people were not able to get to the store was because of mobile phone roaming. “

When we launched the online shopping service, we saw that people wanted to be able to go to the shop, look around, and shop,” Bower said.

“We saw that the most common reason people were not able to get to the store was because of mobile phone roaming.

We were really keen that we were able to bring that to the mobile app.”

M&S has also launched a service for people to buy the same suit in-store, which will be available to all UK customers starting next month.

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