When NFL jerseys will get an update? | NFL.com


The NFL has released some details about its plans for the coming years.

The league says it will continue to invest in new uniforms and apparel.

We also confirmed that we will continue developing a new NFL.tv app and a mobile app that will allow fans to watch and interact with live and on-demand games from anywhere in the world.

But we also confirmed we are investing in a number of new products that we expect to launch over the next few years, including:In addition, we’re releasing some of the details that we had hoped to share this week.

We’re pleased to announce that our plans for 2018 and beyond are in place and in full swing.

Our teams are ready to compete for championships.

We’re thrilled to be back in the Super Bowl, and we’re excited to introduce a new way to watch games that includes a new suite of streaming apps.

And, in the coming months, we’ll be bringing our team of game officials, our video-game analysts, our live game analysis, and more to the sidelines.

We’ve made tremendous strides in the last five years to build an incredible brand, and today is another milestone in that journey.

And we are committed to doing everything we can to continue that momentum for the next decade.

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