When the ‘S’ in ‘Sportswear’ is not a symbol for Nike


It’s not the first time the word “Sportswears” has been associated with Nike.

But that didn’t stop Nike’s chief executive, Scott Lewis, from wearing a pair of socks with the word on them during a Nike press conference in 2016.

“Socks are a part of our culture,” Lewis said at the time.

“I wear socks on a daily basis, and I think I’m a pretty good sports person, so I think it’s great to get that message across.”

A few months later, Lewis announced a new logo for the company, which featured a stylised S, a sports symbol.

The Nike logo is often a symbol of sports brands, with the S symbol being associated with the company’s signature sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Max 1.

The S symbol has also been used to denote a variety of sporting goods, such as Nike’s Reebok Air Max and Reeboc’s Vibram FiveFingers.

“As a logo, it’s been around for a long time,” says Nike’s global brand director, Chris McBride.

“The S is a symbol, it has a history.

And we’ve got a great history with this word.”

The company’s sports branding is not the only way it has used the word.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the word was used to refer to the company as the “S-Men”.

In the 1980s, Nike’s logo featured a S with the words “The One” and “The Man”.

In 1999, the company also rebranded its logo as “S” for “Saw”.

“There’s this huge cultural shift over the past 15 years that Nike has been moving away from the ‘A’ brand,” says McBride, who points to the rebranding as the beginning of Nike’s shift towards a more streamlined look.

The change has come as Nike has become more integrated with other major sporting brands, including Nike’s iconic running shoes and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.

“We’re very aware of the need to do something new with this logo,” says Lewis.

“And we’re doing it through the ‘K’ element, so that’s the ‘k’ in the Nike logo.”

“S’ for ‘Saw’ has a long history in the US.

Nike has said it first used the symbol in 1968 as part of a promotional campaign for the “The Big Three” of Nike sneakers.

The brand first began using the “K” symbol in the 1960th century.

“But I think there’s a lot that’s connected to the S.” “

There are a lot of Nike trademarks, so it’s a little bit of a wild card,” says Mark Rolfe, director of Nike Sportswear Design.

“But I think there’s a lot that’s connected to the S.”

The word “S”-shaped shoe logo The word Nike’s “K-S” logo was the first to use the word, in 1964.

Nike’s first logo in the 1970s was a similar design.

It was first launched in the form of a “k” and the word Nike, then “K”, with a dot in between.

The “K”-shaped logo is still used on some Nike apparel, and the “k-s” logo is currently being used in conjunction with the “M” in the logo.

“It’s a really good symbol, and it’s an important symbol for us,” says Rolfer.

The word has also become a part in the sportswearing industry, with Nike’s sponsorship of the Nike Air Max One, the Nike Reebos Air Max 2 and Nike’s Nike Reel Zero.

“Every year, Nike releases a new design, and this one is one of those that’s just so iconic,” says Marc Leiter, chief executive of Nike-branded clothing company Reebowel.

“That it’s the only logo we’ve ever used to say ‘No, we’re not going to sponsor your brand’,” he says.

Nike and Reba are a symbol to millions of fans The word Reebo has been used in sports since the 1980t, and has become a symbol in its own right.

In 2001, Nike created the logo to represent the team that would win the 2002 Olympic Games in Athens.

Nike also used the Reeboyo logo in its commercial for the Nike-owned Reebox basketball shoes, which became the first shoe to feature the word Rebozo.

Nike is also the biggest name in the sports shoe market.

Nike owns and operates the Nike Jordan brand, the Reba brand, and several other sports brands.

In 2015, the US government granted Nike an antitrust exemption for the use of the word in its advertising.

Nike began using Reeboke in its promotional materials for its Reeboks in 2006.

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