Which Macys Sportswear Brands to Buy in 2017?


The Sportsman brand, which has been synonymous with sporting goods since its founding in 1962, is now looking to expand its reach with a new range of shoes.

The new range will debut at Macys stores across the UK and Canada in early April, with the full range of sportswears set to launch later this year.

The company said the new range would include a range of men’s shoes and womens shoes that “focus on a casual aesthetic” while “celebrating the sportsman lifestyle”.

The Macys sport shoes range will include the Macys Classic Sport (which is currently available in a grey/white colour palette), the Macs Classic Sport Classic, the Macies Sport Sport Classic 2, the MAC Sports Classic, Macys Sports Classic 3, and the Macos Sport Classic 3.

There will also be a range called Macys Ultra Sport, which will feature a range designed to offer an ultra-lightweight yet breathable design that is “perfect for travel and for those who need to stay comfortable.”

The new Macys range is expected to be launched in May at Macs retail stores in England, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United States, and Australia.

The Macs Sport Classic is expected for release sometime in June, while the Maco Sports Classic is slated to launch in early July.

The rest of the new Macos range will follow soon after.

The Sportswears range will be available at Macx stores in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. 

The Macys brand, launched in 1962 in London, is one of the world’s oldest sporting goods companies and has sold more than 400 million pairs of Macys shoes in more than 100 countries. 

Read more: The top 10 sportswares on sale at Maclcs 2017  “Macys Sports is the ideal shoe for those looking to indulge in the sport of sport, and for anyone looking to celebrate their passion for sport,” said Macys CEO James Loughrey in a statement.

“It is a bold and bold statement, reflecting the confidence and excitement Macys has always felt in its sportswearing brands.”

The Maco brand, founded in 1984, has also been part of Maclys heritage.

Its sports shoes are designed to look “cool and casual” while offering “an ultra-lighter yet breathably soft feel.” 

Maclcs Sportswatches  and Maclacs Sportswatch range were launched in 2014 and are now in their second and third editions respectively. 

Macys Sportwear line was also launched in 2015. 

Apple has also launched the Mac Sportwatch , which has also featured in the Maclxs classic sportswatches range. 

 The new Maclays Sportwatch, the latest Maclies Sportwatch 2 and the new MAC Sportswatch 3 are set to be released this summer.

macys sportswear sportswear sale

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