Why do some people look great in jean shorts?


Posted November 23, 2018 05:04:09 While you may have spotted some of your friends in the media wearing the sportswearing trend, there are some who may have found it hard to find their ideal fit.

J Americana sportshoes, which are manufactured in Australia by US-based footwear company J Americana, have long been considered a stylish alternative to other brands, with many wearing the shorts in a range of styles and colours.

But now, according to fashion website Styleista, the brand is getting more attention for its jean-inspired look, with some models being seen wearing shorts in an array of colours.

“J Americanas shorts are a great way to show off your jean, and the fact that they are made in Australia, with a high degree of quality, means you will get the right fit without compromising your style,” Styleista wrote.

“Whether you want to look great or you just want to be more stylish, we recommend a J American a pair of jean briefs, because you never know what you might find in the future.”

The site also found some other styles for jean enthusiasts, including black, red and yellow shorts, as well as white, grey and green shorts.

Some have also noticed the trend of men wearing jean pants.

“It is an interesting trend that has come about recently, and it’s definitely something that’s definitely on the rise in Australia,” Styleistas fashion editor Ashley Maitland said.

“But I think it’s going to take a while before people start embracing it.”


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