Why men’s shoes and men’s socks are so different


The difference between men’s and women’s footwear is often more obvious than ever.

It’s hard to believe that the men’s shoe industry has seen a decline of more than 50% in the past decade, while the women’s shoe and socks industry has experienced a nearly doubling in size and quality.

But the truth is that both of those sectors are still doing pretty well, especially in the footwear segment.

The question that remains is why?

To answer that, let’s look at what shoes are men and women wearing, and why.

There are two major ways in which men and men wear shoes.

They both have the same basic structure: the heel, the toe, and the heel flap.

But how does each one of those elements work together?

The most basic of these is the heel.

It starts with the toe flap.

The toe flap acts as a shock absorber, and, as such, it creates the force required to create the shock.

In general, the larger the heel in a shoe, the greater the force it exerts on the foot.

The bigger the heel is, the more shock it creates.

And, as a result, the smaller the heel on a shoe is, and thus the more the foot can absorb that shock.

The more shock you create, the less force you can exert on your foot, which results in a reduced force on your leg and the less shock you can create on the other parts of your body.

In other words, if you have a bigger heel on your feet, you’ll have less shock on your knee and more force on the lower back.

This is the same idea behind the toe-out flap.

By keeping the toe out of the way of the heel’s force, the sole of your foot is able to absorb the force.

In some cases, this could be a problem for the soles of the shoes you buy.

In fact, the only time that a shoe has a toe-in flap is if the sole has been damaged.

However, this only happens when the sole is damaged or torn.

For these shoes, the shoe will simply keep the heel out of any damage to the sole.

In order to keep the toe in, you can use either a heel guard or a toe guard.

The heel guard prevents the heel from contacting the sole, and while the toe guard prevents you from touching the sole or damaging the sole itself, the heel will still contact the sole and create the required force to push the shoe into place.

The toe guard, on the side, prevents the sole from contacting your heel.

In the past, some people have tried to find ways to use the toe to prevent the toe from contacting it, such as with an elastic band.

However the toe will still come into contact with the sole as the sole does not have any contact with it.

In a modern shoe, you will also have to make a decision about whether you want to have the toe at the front or the back of the shoe, depending on your height and how many layers you wear.

It depends on your personal preference, but it’s important to note that the toe is not always necessary for these shoes.

You can use an external shoe guard if you don’t want to wear a toe in the heel area, and a small heel-out flap to reduce shock on the upper back and knee.

In these cases, the external guard is just a padding for the foot that you can attach to your shoe or sock.

The sole of the foot will still be able to contact the outside of the upper shoe, and your knee will still stay in place, so the shoe is able.

In some cases where the shoe can handle shock, the foot is put in a “tent” where it can rest.

This type of shoe is called a “floating” shoe.

You put the foot in the shoe and place the foot on a floating platform.

The platform is attached to the shoe by a belt or a strap, and then you put a pad underneath the foot and you attach the shoe to the platform.

In this case, the entire shoe can be put in the platform, and it can only move forward.

This is why shoes with an inner shoe flap are considered “floaters” since they have a separate shoe section that is attached directly to the upper.

The inner shoe flaps are usually not the same size as the outer shoe flapping.

For more on how shoes are made, read our article on shoe design.

But even though they are similar, shoes that can be bought and worn in many different ways are still different.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you probably know that I am a fan of the Nike Flyknit Air Max.

While I love the idea of shoes with high quality materials, the Air Max is not the shoe I wear most often.

It does not allow me to enjoy the comfort of a traditional pair of

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