Why Nike’s new line of sportsswear is going to change your life


Why Nike is changing the way you wear sneakers.

It’s an industry shift, one that’s affecting the lives of millions of people all around the world.

But the company isn’t just changing the footwear landscape.

Instead, it’s changing the whole way we live, says Nils Jensen, CEO of the company that makes the iconic Nike sneakers.

As part of the Nike+ platform, customers can now opt for Nike+ gear without ever leaving their homes.

Nike+ isn’t a new product, and it won’t be the last.

For many years, Nike+ was just another way to get sneakers that look great on your feet.

But after years of experimenting, Jensen says, Nike’s engineers have been able to make something that feels like its own.

It started with the iconic “A” sneakers.

“The first one was the first Nike shoe that I ever wore,” Jensen recalls.

“And I was hooked.”

When you think of sneakers, Jensen thinks of the rubber outsole and the high-performance heel, but he also remembers the first time he actually felt the rubber in his feet.

He was playing basketball in the parking lot of the mall where his parents lived, and he’d have a bad day.

That’s when he saw a man on the court who was wearing Adidas sneakers.

The man was an old-school basketball player who wore a pair of Nike sneakers, and Jensen was intrigued.

The pair of sneakers he was wearing looked like sneakers from a different era.

Nike’s research showed that these older sneakers didn’t look quite as good on someone with less muscle, Jensen said.

That was a clue that something was missing.

It turned out that when people wore these shoes, they also had to pay attention to how they moved, and they had to be able to control the pace of their actions.

When Nike introduced the “A-line,” it was also the first company to create a pair that was comfortable for everyday wear.

“It was the same thing,” Jensen says.

“If you had a big toe, you had to wear these shoes.”

This wasn’t the first design change Nike had made.

In fact, it was just the first step in a new direction for Nike.

In the late ’90s, Jensen started thinking about the next step, and after a long discussion with his co-founders, he finally settled on the Nike-designed Air Max.

For a brief time in the early ’00s, Nike was one of the most important brands in the world for sneakerheads.

The company produced the iconic Air Jordan 1, the Nike Air Max, the Air Jordan X, the Jordan II, the Zoom Air, the Elite Zoom, and the Zoom Ultra.

By the mid-’00s the company had lost a lot of its popularity, but Nike still had a huge influence on the way people dressed and moved around the globe.

After Nike went public in 1999, the company was one the first to take a step toward becoming a mainstream luxury brand.

The first sneaker to get the “luxury label” was the Air Max Zoom.

The Zoom had a classic silhouette, but also a futuristic design with futuristic branding.

And it was the very first shoe to be released with the Nike Zoom 2.

The Nike Zoom Zoom was the most successful sneaker Nike ever made, and today it’s one of its most popular.

“In the beginning, we felt like we were a very, very, niche brand,” Jensen said, referring to Nike’s beginnings.

“I would say that now we’re a global brand.”

But in the past, Nike could still be considered a niche brand, even if it was considered a luxury brand at the time.

In 2000, Nike launched its first luxury sneaker, the LeBron James Nike Zoom.

In 2007, Nike introduced a brand-new line of high-end sneakers, the Kobe Bryant Nike Zoom 5.

But for the most part, Nike remained a niche label.

As the years went on, Nike went from being a sneaker brand to being a lifestyle brand.

But the company also became a fashion brand, Jensen believes.

Nike has a long history of making cool sneakers, like the Nike Lunarlon X, which has been popular among hip-hop fans for years.

The new Nike Air Zoom sneaker features a pair for sale that is also available for $150.

The Air Zoom is also the brand’s first high-tech sneaker.

It wasn’t just about the high tech, either.

When the company launched the Air Zoom 3, it also launched a new, innovative footwear line that’s been called “the new Nike.”

The Air Luxury sneaker is the only high-fashion sneaker available in the United States, and you can buy it at Nike+ stores, but it’s still a niche product.

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