Why Nike’s new shark sportswears are really cool


The new Nike Sportswear collection is a great example of a shoe that’s actually cool.

The sneakers are made by Nike in partnership with Japanese skate brand Shark, who were founded by former US Army Special Forces soldier and former skateboarding legend James O’Keefe.

The shoes have an open collar, a high-top design, and are made from an innovative material that’s not only waterproof but also breathable and flexible.

It’s not a water-resistant shoe, but it is also comfortable, and you can wear it with a variety of water- and sweat-resistant clothing.

They even have a water bottle pocket, which is great if you want to keep your smartphone charged or have it ready to go in your pocket.

It also has a design that can be used in other ways, like a jacket pocket.

I’m really looking forward to wearing these shoes.

They also come with a leather backpack, a pair of socks, and a water resistant water bottle, which will come in handy when you need to take a swim in the ocean or in a pool.

These shoes are going to be great for the next time you’re at a pool party, as they’re also a great addition to the collection.

The shark logo on the front of the shoes, while not necessarily being the most recognizable part of the shoe, is pretty cool.

Shark is the original skateboarding company, and it has been a major part of skateboarding history since it started.

Since it began, the brand has been synonymous with the skateboarding lifestyle, as it has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of skate.

Shark has long been an inspiration to Nike, as its designs are very similar to Nike’s, and the two brands have been working together on the shoe.

The brand has also collaborated with Nike on the adidas Yeezy Boost, which also has the Shark logo on it.

I’ve never heard of Shark, but I really like how the shoe looks, and I really think that the design is really cool.

It looks very casual, and yet has some of the most badass branding in the sneaker world.

hummel sportswear shark sportswear

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