Why some women’s clothing companies are ‘banging their heads against a wall’ as they try to attract women


By Lucy SmithThe adidas adidas Originals brand is one of the most iconic sportswear brands in the world.

For women who want to look great and dress stylishly, the brand offers a range of fashionable clothing.

Its iconic black and gold designs are a staple of sportswears, and women’s adidas is a leading provider of women’s sportswares and accessories.

But women who buy the brand’s clothing are likely to be disappointed. 

Women are more likely to shop online and avoid adidas in the hope that they will be treated better than they would be in stores, says Adi Shrestha, director of the Brand Identity Research Centre at the University of Western Australia.

“There is this perception that adidas has made women feel worse about their choices and that it’s been sexist in terms of the way they have treated women,” she says.

What are women’s clothes like? “

It’s not that they don’t think women have been treated fairly, it’s that they think adidas isn’t being sensitive enough.”

What are women’s clothes like?

 What women’s fashion is not like Women’s clothing is often considered to be a niche product. 

However, according to Shrestra, women’s apparel is becoming more mainstream. 

In Australia, the number of women shopping online increased by nearly 60 per cent between 2011 and 2017, from 16 per cent to 26 per cent. 

“It is very, very, extremely important that we see more women’s shopping, because we want to see more of them shopping,” she explains.

“And it’s important that brands recognise that we are going to be shopping more and more.”

The rise of social media is also impacting women’s buying habits. 

Adidas, like many brands, relies heavily on social media. 

When it comes to the fashion world, brands have a huge amount of influence. 

It is possible that brands might not be thinking about women’s choices, Shresta says. 

The Brand Identity research centre also found that women are also more likely than men to shop on the internet. 

Online shopping, in particular, is a significant barrier to women’s wearing. 

Shresta believes that brands need to address this issue by offering more product, like more styles, more colours, more fabrics, and a more professional service.

 “The brands need a lot more to go into it,” she concludes. 

What are the key trends affecting women’s style?

Adidas Origines have been around for almost 100 years, and its influence is strong across the globe.

Women’s fashion has shifted in many ways since the brand first emerged in 1884, says Shresth, but the trend towards the darker and more colourful looks that have been popular for decades is what has attracted the most attention. 

Black and grey (black and grey is a colour that comes from a darker colour than white, which is why it’s sometimes called black) are popular with women’s designers and the more modern styles have also taken off. 

As well as being trendy, black and grey are a popular colour for sportswear. 

For women who like to look different, it can make a big difference. 

A recent study by research group Appetite found that black and white is the most popular colour on women’s wardrobes, with black becoming the most sought-after colour for men in the past two years. 

While women who have darker skin may prefer a darker-coloured outfit, they are more attracted to the look of black and black, the study found.

“Black and black is the colour that appeals to people with darker skin, and people with light skin, that’s what’s attracting women to black and dark,” says Shresha. 

And as the market for black and brown clothing grows, women are beginning to gravitate towards more colourful, less formal outfits.

A new trend is black and blue, with a strong association with fashion bloggers, and designers are increasingly experimenting with the colour. 

These styles are popular among women who prefer a more casual look, especially when it comes out of a sportswearing outfit. 

Men’s fashion  Women who prefer men’s style are more often influenced by fashion trends than women who don’t. 

They may prefer black-and-white as a fashion trend, but there is no denying that men are a huge part of the men’s fashion market, with men’s clothing now selling more than women’s. 

More than half of women aged 18-24 said they were aware of fashion trends in 2016, according the latest Nielsen report. 

This is the same as men, who were aware as early as 2001. 

Research by Brand Identity found that men’s apparel has been more influenced by men

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